Litter Ends With Us!

Together, we can make a lasting difference! Let’s ensure that “Litter Ends with Us!” in Grapevine.

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Trashcan Personalities

It looks like you've discovered one of our trash can personalities. To secure your prize, please complete the form below!

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Volunteer With Us

Join us for our monthly Grapevine area clean-up events and be part of the movement to lead the way in ending litter for good.

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Keep Grapevine Beautiful

Keep Grapevine Beautiful enhances our local environment through education and community projects.

Keep Texas Beautiful

Texans to keep our communities clean and beautiful.


Explore our engaging videos and posts promoting the "Litter Ends With Us campaign.


Dive into our captivating content supporting the "Litter Ends With Us" campaign!


Celebrate our compelling videos and posts championing the "Litter Ends With Us" campaign.