Senior Movers Program

Senior Movers is a program for Grapevine residents who are 55 or better. The focus of this program is to connect volunteer drivers with these residents for health appointments such as doctor, dentist, chiropractor, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a driver or if you want to apply to get rides contact Andrew Yuhanna.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 817-410-3453




  1. Eligibility qualifications will be Grapevine residency, age 55 and over, and only those with physical conditions permitting them to be transported by Volunteers, in personal vehicles.
  2. If you have special needs that require assistance, you should contact NETS (Northeast Transportation Service) at 817.336.8714.
  3. Please remember that transportation is provided when friends, family, and NETS are unable to accommodate the applicant for the needed appointments.
  4. Service Hours are limited to 9 AM – 2 PM, Monday through Friday.
  5. Two appointments per month.
  6. Applications must be completed by each rider in advance of the first transportation request. If at all possible, initial interviews and paperwork should be accomplished at The REC.
  7. A minimum of 48-hours notification for a trip is required.
  8. All trip appointments are limited to a 20-mile radius of The REC
  9. Service is curb to curb
  10. Volunteers are not required to perform any lifting
  11. Volunteers are not allowed to enter the user’s residence
  12. Volunteers should not be asked to share personal information
  13. Each rider must sign a waiver (included with the application)
  14. For your information, Volunteers provide information on their driving history and pass a criminal background check before being accepted as a driver
  15. The Volunteer calls the Rider in advance of the trip for confirmation
  16. Volunteers are not required to remain with the Rider for the duration of the appointment. They should be told an approximate time to return for pickup.
  17. Riders are not to abuse a volunteer’s generosity by asking for additional stops.
  18. SeniorMovers is for transportation only. Please do not ask a Volunteer to run errands, or provide any type of assistance. Transporting is from Point A to Point B and return.
  19. SeniorMovers reserves the right to refuse service to any Rider for any reason.
  20. Please understand that SeniorMovers is a free service for the Active Adults 55+ of Grapevine. It is dependent on Volunteer drivers to meet the requests. There can be occasions when a Volunteer is not available.