Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

2018 Grapevine Parks & Recreation Master Plan

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1. Does the Parks and Recreation Department have handicap accessible playgrounds throughout the City of Grapevine?
Yes. The city of Grapevine has several handicap accessible playgrounds located throughout the city. One of the playgrounds that are specifically designed for total access by wheelchair patrons is Casey’s Club House at Dove Park. All other playgrounds are accessible with wheelchair transfer stations. See locations and addresses.
2. Why are some of the park drinking fountains turned off during the winter months even though winter weather may be warm?
Most of the drinking fountains at the various parks do not have plumbing parts that are freeze proof. Therefore, to guard against pipes and fixtures bursting in freezing weather, the Park Maintenance staff winterizes (drains the lines and shuts off the water source) from approximately December 1 through March 15 each year. The newer freeze-proof fountains are left on throughout the year, regardless of the weather.
3. Will the Park Maintenance Division chemically treat to control Poison Ivy/Poison Oak on city properties?
Yes. The Park Maintenance staff will chemically treat Poison Ivy/Poison Oak only in developed parks or designated usage areas. Poison Ivy/Poison Oak will not be sprayed in the lake parks, greenbelts, or any other undeveloped City-owned properties.
4. Does the Parks and Recreation Department cut and remove hazardous or dead trees in lake parks, green belts or other undeveloped City-owned property?
The Parks and Recreation Department treats the above referenced properties as nature areas, and fallen trees and logs are left in place for wildlife habitat or refuge. Only if a hazardous tree is on the outer edge of a wooded area and/or near areas where children play, the tree would be cut down to lessen the safety risk.
5. Who picks up dog waste in parks?
It is unlawful for any person owning or having control or custody of any animal to permit or allow the animal to defecate within City parks (Section 4-10c of the City Code). It is the responsibility of the person owning or the person having control of the animal, to dispose of the animal’s feces. Residents can report violators to the Animal Control Division (817.410.3370).
6. Does Grapevine have a dog park?
No, but the City is in the construction phase of a dog park in south Grapevine in Bear Creek Park. Open date is expected in 2019.
7. Is the use of a metal detector in Grapevine city parks allowed?
Yes. There are no city ordinances prohibiting the use of metal detectors in parks in Grapevine. However, we would hope that citizens would use them in the undeveloped park areas, especially near Lake Grapevine. We do not want citizens to use them on irrigated turf, specifically the athletic fields.
8. Is there a fee to enter Meadowmere Park? If I have a boat ramp pass, do I have to pay the entrance fee?
Yes. There is a $5 per car per day entrance fee. If you have an Annual Boat Ramp Pass, you do not have to pay the entrance fee.
9. How many Hike and Bike Trails does the Parks and Recreation Department have?
The Parks and Recreation Department has a total of 67.68 miles of Hike-and-Bike Trails located throughout the city.
10. What is the Parks and Recreation Department’s policy regarding various sports teams practicing on neighborhood parks & Oak Grove Ballfield Complex?
The city allows each sports association to determine and coordinate practice locations and times for use. These associations also coordinate this usage among themselves. The city does not schedule practice fields.  Priority usage of these fields is given to co-sponsored youth sports associations. If the fields at Bear Peak Park & Parr Park are not being used by a Grapevine co-sponsored youth sport association, they are available for use on a first come-first served basis.
11. Are neighborhood park tennis courts available to be reserved for exclusive use?
No. Priority usage of the courts is given to City contracted instructors and co-sponsored tournaments. Otherwise, they are on a first come-first served basis.
12. Is the sand volleyball court at Dove Park available for reservations?
Yes, please contact Sheila Rich for more information, or 817.410.3470.
13. Are alcoholic beverages permitted in City Parks?
Per City Ordinance Sec. 16-6. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in parks.
(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), it shall be unlawful for any person to possess or consume any alcoholic beverage in a public park of the city.
(b) Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted at Grapevine Lake and the reservoir area as provided by Section 16-55.
14. May motorized vehicles such as dirt bikes and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) be ridden on city or park property?
No, per City Ordinance Sec. 16-10,  City and park properties are marked with signage prohibiting motorized vehicles in the parks and trails because they are dangerous to pedestrians, damage turf and can cause erosion.
15. Does The REC rent out its classrooms, indoor playground, Event Hall & pool
Yes, The REC does rent out its spaces, upon availability. For more information, please contact Michele Friedman, or call 817.410.3450.
16. Are the employees of a Grapevine business eligible for membership at The REC?
Yes, at the non-resident rate.  The business owners are eligible for a membership at the resident rate.
17. My children attend GCISD schools and I pay GCISD school taxes, may I sign up for a membership at The REC.
You are eligible for a membership, but may be required to purchase a non-resident membership pass.  One’s property taxes are what determine membership type. All school taxes are paid to GCISD and not the City of Grapevine. We are subsidized solely by property taxes. If your property taxes (not school taxes) are paid to the City of Grapevine, you are eligible for resident membership.
18. May non-residents participate in classes and activities offered at The REC and through the City of Grapevine?
Yes. All recreational classes and activities are open to Grapevine residents and non-residents alike. Some classes/courses and/or activities may require an additional fee for non-residents.
19. Is it mandatory that children age 9 and under entering The REC be accompanied by an adult at all times?
20. I live in Grapevine and would like to add my family members in a neighboring city to my REC membership, is that okay?
21. At what age can my child use the fitness floor at The REC?
Children 10-13 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children 14 and up may use the fitness floor by themselves.
22. What is the lake level?
Please contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at 817.865.2600 or visit the link below for information pertaining to lake levels. The city handles the land surrounding the lake, but all information pertaining to “on the water”, is handled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
23. Which boat ramps are open?
Please visit our boat ramps page on this site for the latest updates on our boat ramp openings and closings.
24. What is the water temperature of the lake?
Please contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at 817.865.2600 for water temperature.

25. I paid the boat ramp fee, but still received a ticket at the lake. How do I get the ticket dismissed and prove that I paid?

If it was issued by the Police Department, please contact them at 817.410.8127. If it was given by the fee collector, please call the number on the ticket: 817.372.6005. Also, you may contact Sheila Rich, or 817.410.3470 to purchase an annual pass.

26. I do not live in Grapevine, but I own property in Grapevine, am I eligible for the Grapevine resident discount when purchasing an Annual Boat Ramp Pass?
Yes. You must provide proof of Grapevine property ownership, at the time of purchase, e.g. home ownership documents, water bill and photo I.D.
27. I found a dead bird at my house. Can someone come pick it up and test it for West Nile Virus?
Please properly dispose of the bird. The city is not testing birds, but does have mosquito traps set and are catching mosquitoes and testing them for West Nile Virus. If we find any positive samples, we notify homeowners living within a ½ mile radius of the find. Currently the city treats standing water with mosquito briquettes, which kill the mosquito in the larvae stage. The city does not spray, due to it not being environmentally safe.
28. I want to host a Walk/Run to benefit an ailing relative/friend, what do I have to do?
You must complete a Special Event Permit available on this website.
29. I want to have a Fishing Tournament on Lake Grapevine. Do I have to get a permit for this?
Yes, please refer to the permit section of our website.
30. I want to adopt a Street/Park/Trail in Grapevine. How do I do that?
Please contact Cindy Harris, Volunteer Services Liaison, at or 817.410.3490 to inquire about a new or renewal area/contract. You may also visit the Parks Program section of this website that explains more about the program.
31. Does the Parks and Recreation Department allow residents to gather fallen wood to use as firewood?
No. Due to liability issues, the Parks and Recreation Department does not allow residents to gather fallen trees or wood from parks for use as firewood. Also, fallen trees provide much-needed habitat for nature.
32. Is there free mulch available to residents of Grapevine?
Yes. Mulch is available to residents of Grapevine, free of charge – at north Main and Dove Road (near the trailhead which is beside Cross Timbers Winery).
33. Does the Parks and Recreation Department have any trees available for the residents of Grapevine to purchase for planting in residential lawns?
Yes. The Parks and Recreation Department has a “Tree Sharing Program.” The program runs from October to December. For more information, please call 817.410.3470.
34. I don’t live in Grapevine, may I join your Active Adults 55 & Better at The REC?
No; however, The REC does offer a SilverSneakers and a Silver & Fit pass for non-residents.  Non-residents may still participate in Active Adults programs, but are required to have a regular membership pass.
35. What are the operating hours of The REC Active Adults 55 & Better?
The Active Adults 55 & Better is open from 8 am-4 pm, Monday through Friday. For more detailed information, contact the Active Adults 55 & Better front-desk staff at 817.410.3465.
36. Is lunch offered at The REC Active Adults 55 & Better?
Yes. Lunch is available Monday-Friday at 12 pm.  The Parks & Recreation Department, in partnership with Metroport Meals on Wheels, provides this service to our Active Adults. Lunch is $4 per person.  Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance.
37. What is The Grape Affair and how do I get a subscription?
The Grape Affair is a complimentary senior newsletter mailed to Grapevine residents age 55 years and up. Please call the Active Adults 55 & Better front-desk staff at 817.410.3465 or email to be added to the mailing list.
38. Is there a membership fee to join The REC Active Adults 55 & Better?
If you are a Grapevine resident, there is no fee to join the Active Adults 55 & Better. However, the Active Adults pass is valid Monday-Friday, 8-11am for full use of the facility. One must be registered in order to participate in any of the activities including the lunch program. There may be occasional fees associated with certain classes, field trips or activities.
39. My mother just moved to Grapevine – how do I get her involved at The REC Active Adults 55 & Better?
We suggest that you join your loved-one for the first visit to tour our facility. You may meet the staff, tour the building, and get an idea of the various activities we offer. We can also find out what your loved-one enjoys doing and make suggestions to plug them into programs they might enjoy. You will also have the opportunity to chat with other participants and find out first hand how much fun they have at The REC Active Adults 55 & Better. You may also call 817.410.3465.
40. I just recently retired, but I don’t want to sit around playing cards. Does The REC Active Adults 55 & Better offer anything for the more active, younger seniors?
Yes. We offer a variety of activities and programs specified for the 55 years and older age group. Acknowledging the fact that a large group of mature adults will have a wide range of physical and mental abilities, we try to offer something for everyone. Our younger seniors enjoy the computer classes taught by competent volunteers, water aerobics, Tai Chi, quilting class, arts and crafts, oil painting, cycling, yoga, jewelry making, and various field trips.
Call 817.410.3465 for more information, or visit the 55 & Better section of the website.
41. How do I get to The REC to participate in the Active Adults 55 & Better programs?
We run two bus routes Monday through Friday. The vehicles leave The REC at 8 am to pick up those who have requested transportation. At 2 pm the vehicles return individuals to their homes. Requests for transportation must be made 24 hours in advance.
42. Do you offer rides to doctor appointments?
Yes. SeniorMovers is a volunteer program implemented to assist Grapevine’s senior residents (age 55 and over) with transportation to and from routine medical and dental appointments. A volunteer must complete an application and go through a criminal history background check and motor vehicle verification. Please contact The REC Active Adults 55 & Better front-desk staff at 817.410.3465 for a User Application to register with the program. SeniorMovers is used when other resources such as family, friends and NETS are unable to help with transportation.
43. What are some of the events that The REC Active Adults 55 & Better offers?
There are occasional field trips and other events scheduled in the evenings that include museum visits, holiday parties, shopping excursions, Collette vacation trips and more. Please access the latest version of the Grape Affair Newsletter, or call 817.410.3465.
44. How many family members can be on the same annual family membership at The REC?
Up to 6 family members living in the same household can be on the same annual family membership. If individuals have different last names, proof of guardianship may be required. Each individual will receive their own membership card for scanning when entering the facility. Children under 9 years of age are to be supervised at all times.
45. How do I rent a pavilion at one of Grapevine’s public parks or lake parks?
Please contact Sheila Rich at or 817.410.3470. You may also refer to the Rental Facilities section of this website for pricing and more information.
46. When are Dove Park, Parr Park, and The REC spraygrounds open?
May 1 – September 30 See the Aquatics section of this website for specific times for each location.
47. Are dogs allowed in Grapevine’s parks?
Yes, but they must remain on a leash, per City Ordinance Sec. 16-47.
48. What age children at allowed in child-watch at The REC, and how long can they stay in there?
The age bracket is 3 months-9 years old. Each child is allowed to be in child-watch for up to two hours per day. Childwatch hours.