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Park Development

Grapevine Parks and Recreation is dedicated to furthering park development in our community. With the enhancement and development of parks.

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Trinity River Authority Wastewater Construction Project

Thalle Construction Company, Inc. has been contracted by the Trinity River Authority of Texas to construct the Bear Creek Interceptor Segment 09BC-1, Phase 2 Project for the Central Regional Wastewater System.

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Dallas Road Corridor & Cotton Belt Trail Extension

The project will incorporate alterations and enhancements to the Dallas Road corridor to facilitate pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access to the new Grapevine Main Street TEXRail station.

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Settlers Park

Park developments for the Silver Lake Park project, renamed as Settlers Park.

Park Projects & Updates

This page is your essential resource for the latest updates on park closures and recreational activities, ensuring you stay informed and connected with our community’s outdoor spaces.

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Denton Creek Park

Denton Creek stabilization and park creation is a major step forward in increasing water quality and public education.

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Green Ribbon Project

The purpose of the TXDOT Green Ribbon Program is to improve the visual character of highway corridors and minimize the negative impacts of air pollution through planting of trees and shrubs.

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