Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs

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Personal Fitness Trainers at The REC of Grapevine

Offering accountability and motivation in fitness, The REC has personal fitness trainers to fulfill all levels of fitness goals.  Learn more about these trainers, fees and various packages to fit your specific schedule by contacting one of our fitness coordinators.  The REC’s personal fitness trainers specialize in many areas and are specialized in customizing packages for your needs and goals.

1/2 Hour Personal Training PackagePrice
1/2 Hour Private Session$40.00
Five, 1/2 Hour Sessions$195.00 ($39/session)
Ten, 1/2 Hour Sessions$380.00 ($38/session)
Fifteen, 1/2 Hour Sessions$540.00 ($36/session)
Twenty, 1/2 Hour Sessions$700 ($35/session)
1/2 Hour Semi Private Session$55.00
Five, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$270.00 ($54/session based on two people)
Ten, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$530.00 ($53/session based on two people)
Fifteen, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$750.00 ($50/session based on two people)
Twenty, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$960 ($48/session based on two people)
Full Hour Personal Training PackagesPrice
1 Hour Private Session$70.00
Five, 1 Hour Sessions$340.00 ($68/Session)
Ten, 1 Hour Sessions$680.00 ($68/Session)
Fifteen, 1 Hour Sessions$990.00 ($66/Session)
Twenty, 1 Hour Sessions$1,300.00 ($65/Session)
1 Hour Semi Private Session (Based on Two People)$95.00
Five, 1 Hour Session (Based on Two People)$465.00 ($93/Session)
Ten, 1 Hour Sessions (Based on Two People)$930.00 ($93/Session)
Fifteen, 1 Hour Session (Based on Two People)$1,365.00 ($91/Session)
Twenty, 1 Hour Sessions (Based on Two People)$1,800.00 ($90/Session)