Personal Training

Personal Training

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Personal Training

Offering accountability and motivation in fitness, The REC has personal fitness trainers to fulfill all levels of fitness goals.  Learn more about these trainers, fees and various packages to fit your specific schedule by contacting one of our fitness coordinators.  The REC’s personal fitness trainers specialize in many areas and are specialized in customizing packages for your needs and goals.

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1/2 Hour Private Session$40.00
Five, 1/2 Hour Sessions$195.00 ($39/session)
Ten, 1/2 Hour Sessions$380.00 ($38/session)
Fifteen, 1/2 Hour Sessions$540.00 ($36/session)
Twenty, 1/2 Hour Sessions$700 ($35/session)
1/2 Hour Semi Private Session$55.00
Five, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$270.00 ($54/session based on two people)
Ten, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$530.00 ($53/session based on two people)
Fifteen, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$750.00 ($50/session based on two people)
Twenty, 1/2 Hour Semi Private Sessions$960 ($48/session based on two people)
1 Hour Private Session$70.00
Five, 1 Hour Sessions$340.00 ($68/Session)
Ten, 1 Hour Sessions$680.00 ($68/Session)
Fifteen, 1 Hour Sessions$990.00 ($66/Session)
Twenty, 1 Hour Sessions$1,300.00 ($65/Session)
1 Hour Semi Private Session (Based on Two People)$95.00
Five, 1 Hour Session (Based on Two People)$465.00 ($93/Session)
Ten, 1 Hour Sessions (Based on Two People)$930.00 ($93/Session)
Fifteen, 1 Hour Session (Based on Two People)$1,365.00 ($91/Session)
Twenty, 1 Hour Sessions (Based on Two People)$1,800.00 ($90/Session)


Meet Our Personal Trainers!


Headshot Michelle

Michelle Brooks

NASM CPT, NASM Nutrition Coach, & Muay Thai Boxing Instructor

Certified in Personal Training, Optimum Performance Training for Weight Management, and a certified TRX group suspension instructor, as well as an active Fire Fighter and Paramedic. This mother of two has competed in several extreme, long-distance races which have helped her gain more knowledge on how the body responds to prolonged activity. Michelle’s discipline, focus, and determination will be evident the first time you meet her.

Headshot Larry

Larry Coleman


Larry, a former collegiate basketball player from Howard Payne University, received his personal training certification in 2007 and then started his fitness company Coleman Complete Fitness. He earned his Master Personal Training certification in 2010 and received certifications in Dietary Guidance and Weight Management Leadership. Larry tailors his programs to fit the needs and abilities of each individual client, from the young to the young at heart.

Headshot Alyssa

Alyssa Bankes

NASM CPT & Precision Nutrition Level 1

Imagine spending hours upon hours a week on cardio machines and playing every sport under the sun, but never truly feeling comfortable in your own skin. That was Alyssa 7 years ago. Then, she went to Texas Christian University and learned how important it was to balance different types of workouts and nutrition! Now, Alyssa is a Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 1. Alyssa describes her personal training style as motivational, effective, and fun! Her dream is to help YOU set extremely clear goals, break them down, and build a plan that only leads to success!

Headshot Kim

Kim Davis

CI-CPT, ACE (CPT, OES, SFS), 7th Dan Taekwondo, 5th Dan Hapkido, Black Belt Senkotiros Arnis

Kim enjoys working with people of all ages to help them achieve their goals and gain the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Her fitness plans are scalable to meet the needs of the individual client. Kim’s experience from over 40 years of martial arts training as a competitor and instructor is integrated with her personal fitness knowledge from The Cooper InstituteTM, American College of Sports Medicine, and American Council on Exercise, to design fitness programs for her diverse clientele. She is also a certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist.

Headshot David

David McCarthy


David has always had a true passion for fitness and helping others achieve goals they previously thought were unobtainable. David is a graduate of the University of Tulsa and holds a Master’s Degree from the California University of Pennsylvania in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. He also holds certifications as a personal trainer, performance enhancement specialist, and corrective exercise specialist. He describes his training style as purpose-driven and always fun! David is the author of Begin with Belief – The Unbreakable Formula for Success in your Health, Fitness, and Life. To top it off, David and his family are also Grapevine residents.

Headshot James

James Oliver

NASM CPT & NASM Senior Fitness Specialist

James has had a passion for health and fitness since he can remember. He specializes in Senior Fitness and considers it a pleasure to help someone in his community reach his or her goals. James received his personal training certificate in 2015, as well as his Senior Fitness certification. As of 2021, James is a graduate of the Elite EMT Academy. Becoming an Emergency Medical Technician has furthered his knowledge of the body and its processes. James firmly believes that a healthy life is a happy one and he would be thrilled to show you the way.

Headshot Neal

Neal Smith


A graduate of Oklahoma State University, Neal holds a degree in Health Promotion and is a certified Personal Trainer. While pursuing his degree at Oklahoma State, he ran cross country and track specializing in long distance. Neal believes that utilizing a personal trainer to reach your fitness-related goals will give you the positive momentum to make changes in all aspects of your life.

Headshot Jeff

Jeff Smith

MS, ACSM, EP-C, ACSM — Exercise is Medicine Credential Level II

Jeff’s experience and certifications allow him to work, not only on the fitness floors but alongside physicians providing exercise prescriptions for patients. He also earned both his BS in Movement Science and MS in Exercise Physiology from TCU. Jeff has numerous exercise proficiencies that include strength and flexibility assessments, personalized fitness program design, sports performance training, and rehabilitative exercise. He is excited to be your guide and help you every step of the way of your fitness journey. Jeff is co-founder and managing partner of Lone Star Health & Fitness.