Grapevine Baseball & Softball

We’ve proudly offer Youth Baseball and Softball in Grapevine for over 40 years. Find and register for leagues, today!

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GBS Opening Day

GBS Opening Day kicks off Saturday, March 25, with a day filled with fun activities for everyone!

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Game Schedules

Spring schedules coming soon!

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Video Live Streaming

Can’t be at the game? Games can be streamed LIVE at MuscoVision by subscribing (1-30 day options are available)

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Important Dates & Events

GBS offers clinics, rec tournaments, special events, and more!

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Dugout Captain

GBS has partnered with Dugout Captain to provide coaches a free platform of development curriculum, ready-made practice plans, and over 200 video drill exercises.

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Positive Coaching Alliance

GBS has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to provide coaches with training workshops that encourage athletes and reinforce positive reinforcement.

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Oak Grove Baseball Complex

Come check out the Oak Grove Baseball Complex!

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Oak Grove Softball Complex

Come out and enjoy our newly renovated softball complex!

Spring 2023 Baseball & Softball Divisions

Baseball Blastball 3-4UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE →$100
Baseball T-Ball 5-6UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE →$135
Baseball Coach Pitch 7UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE → $155
Baseball Coach Pitch 8UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE → $155
Baseball Mustang 9UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE → $170
Baseball Mustang 10UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE → $170
Baseball Bronco 11U-12UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE →$170
Baseball Pony 13-14UApril 30, 2023VOLUNTEER HERE →$170
Grapevine Mustang TEBA ProgramApril 30, 2023Varies per season
Softball 4-6UDecember 31, 2022VOLUNTEER HERE →$120
Softball 7-8UDecember 31, 2022VOLUNTEER HERE →$135
Softball 9-10UDecember 31, 2022VOLUNTEER HERE →$155
Softball 11-12UDecember 31, 2022VOLUNTEER HERE →$155

Levels of Play

Competitive LevelRecreationalRecreational Single AAdvanced Single AAA or AAA
How are teams formedDraftTryouts + DraftTryoutsTryouts
Practice FormatsField / Optional HittingField and HittingField and HittingField, Hitting, Private
Games1-2 / Week1-2 / Week3+ / Week2+ / Week
Game Schedule Format1 per day (DH for older boys)Double HeadersTournamentsDouble Headers TEBA League
Number of Tournaments00-2 (Rec Only)3-5 (Rec Only)
Fall SeasonSept-NovSept-Novn/avaries per team
Spring SeasonMar-MayMar-MayEnd of May-End of JuneFeb-July
CommitmentRecreationalCompetitive; Interlock with area associations; Advanced Situations and Skill DevelopmentCompetitive; All-star Tournaments Advanced Situations and Skill DevelopmentCompetitive; Serious about baseball; Advanced Strategy, Skills, Development; Additional work outside of team practice
Average Player Cost$95-$175 per season$130-$165 per season$150-$300 per seasonvaries per season