Special Interest

Discover our specialized programs for all ages, including license to carry firearms, defensive driving, babysitting classes, and CPR/First Aid training. Our expert instructors prioritize safety and practical skills, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation. Join us for comprehensive learning and personal growth.

Many of our special interest programs are offered monthly, however you are welcome to register for any program at any time! Click here to be directly taken to our registration site.

Special Interest Programs

Texas License to Carry Class

Learn laws, verbal skills, awareness, and firearm safety. The class ends at 2:00 pm, followed by a shooting proficiency at Texas Gun Experience. Private lessons available. Certification requires passing a 50-round proficiency.

Texas Constitutional Carry

Gain essential knowledge on self-defense laws, carry regulations, safe storage, and verbal de-escalation. Attend the same class as LTC holders, but with no written or shooting test. Your information isn't reported to the State.

Non motorized Launch

Defensive Driving

Bright Driver Safety offers ticket dismissal and insurance discounts in several states as a Texas Approved Defensive Driving Course. We ensure speedy delivery of your information for ticket dismissal.

Blended Babysitting and Pediatric CPR/First Aid

This blended Pediatric CPR/First Aid course offers online learning and in-person sessions for certification, covering key topics like accident prevention and first aid with hands-on participation and a lunch break.

Blended Learning CPR

This course combines award-winning, engaging, and interactive online simulation learning plus and in-person classroom session to learn and practice critical lifesaving skills for certification.