Active Adult Lunch Program

Join The REC of Grapevine’s Active Adults offers lunch Monday – Friday at 12:00 pm to all Active Adult members 55 and better. Lunches come from local restaurants and chefs for only $5.00 per meal. Please read our guidelines below before signing up.

Guidelines for In Person Meal Program for Active Adults 55 & Better

Meals must be ordered at least 48 hours ahead of time.   The Active Adults Desk (817) 410-3465

  • Monday – must be ordered by 2 PM on Thursday in the prior week
  • Tuesday – must be ordered by 2 PM on Friday in the prior week
  • Wednesday – must be ordered by 2 PM the Monday before
  • Thursday – must be ordered by 2 PM the Tuesday before
  • Friday – must be ordered by 2 PM the Wednesday before
  1. Reservations may be made via Amilia or at the Active Adult front desk and can be for multiple days up to 4 weeks in advance.
  2. Payment of $5/meal must be made when the reservation is made. Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card.
  3. If a meal is canceled more than 48 hours ahead of time, refunds will be put on your household account for future use.  There is no monetary refund for canceled meals.
  1. If a meal is canceled less than 47 hours ahead of time, the money is forfeited and put into an account to cover the expenses associated with the meal program.
  2. If a meal is served to someone on standby, the person must pay the $5 prior to receiving the meal.
  3. We will No longer have ToGo meals. If you are wanting meals delivered to you at home, please contact:

Metroport Meals On Wheels @ 817.491.1141. This is a part of MMOW mission and meals are to be had at The REC to promote socialization.    

  1. If you are not here by 12:15, then you have forfeited your meal and it will be sold as a standby.
  2. Be aware that we may not be able to meet your dietary restrictions so plan your reservations accordingly.
  3. We reserve the right to take your name off the list if you do not comply with our No TOGO policy.

Below is our lunch calendar for the month of May.
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Below is our lunch calendar for the month of June.
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