Community Outreach Center

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Current Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • English Conversation Club
  • After-School Tutor
  • Food Service Volunteer
  • GED Tutor
  • VAST Saturday reading literacy

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Computer Lab

One of the more noteworthy areas of the Community Outreach Center is the computer lab.  Currently, the lab is set up to assist with student tutorials, tax preparation, GED classes, computer literacy, and continuing education training.

VAST (Valuable After-School Time) After-School Program
VAST is an after-school program for GCISD students attending first through sixth grade. VAST focuses on offering kids a safe, structured-environment, homework help, recreational activity, cultural enrichment and dinner during the most dangerous time of the day for kids- the after-school hours.

In 2014, VAST began a monthly literacy program on Saturdays for students Pre-K to 3rd grade in order to offer students one on one practice in the areas of phonics, fluency, writing, and literacy.  In addition, we equip both students and parents with additional tools to increase each child’s self-confidence and overall success in school. This program is known as VAST Saturday’s and we welcome up to 30 students the first Saturday morning, 9-11am, of each month. In addition, VAST Saturday offers students a warm breakfast, games, and lots of one on one encouragement!

In 2015, VAST opened its second after-school site to support students on the Northside of Grapevine. As a result, VAST now serves 95 GCISD students every Monday through Thursday during the school year.

Class Schedule
The following classes are also taught at the Community Outreach Center weekly.

  • AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)
  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • English Conversation Club
  • GED
  • VAST after-school program

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