Discovery Trunks

Discovery Trunks

Go Wild Discovery Trunks are designed to provide hands-on resources needed to educate people about a variety of science and wildlife topics in the Grapevine area.

Go Wild Discovery Trunks are designed to provide classroom teachers, scout leaders, homeschool groups, and families with the hands-on resources they need to help them educate students/themselves about a variety of science and wildlife topics in the Grapevine area. Curriculum, games and various resources are provided for each trunk.

These trunks can be reserved for an entire week and can be checked out by anyone.  We encourage you to learn more!  If you are interested in having a more interactive experience with our Outdoor Education Coordinator, Misty Adams, would love to help teach each of these trunks either in person or virtually. Reserve your time with her today!

Now come on!  Let’s see what you can Go Learn!

Go Wild: Animals

Have you ever wondered what makes an animal an “animal”? In this discovery trunk, explore the wild world of vertebrate and invertebrate animals found here in Grapevine. This trunk dives into the five different types of vertebrates, the basic needs for all animals to survive, and how to know the presence of animals through animal tracking.  Reserve this trunk today!

Go Wild: What's for Dinner?

This discovery trunk explores food chains and food webs to learn about the importance of all animals within an ecosystem. Examine an animal’s skull to reveal what, how, and who it eats! After looking at the animal’s diet, this trunk dives into scat, also known as animal poo! Investigate how identifying scat can tell you who, what, and when an animal was last there. Now who’s hungry? Reserve this trunk today!

Go Wild: Cycles

Did you know that all animals go through a life cycle, even you? This discovery trunk explores the life cycles of various organisms such as insects, frogs, birds, and plants! This trunk gives you the opportunity to learn about what an animal needs to survive, and how they make it through their life cycle! Reserve this trunk today!

Go Wild: Environment

Humans impact the outside world in a variety of ways. This Discovery Trunk is designed to explore the impacts humans have on water quality, renewable and non-renewable resources, and invasive species, while also bringing into consideration things you can do to protect the environment locally while thinking globally! 

Go Wild: Weather, Climate & Solar Energy

Do you know the difference between “weather” and “climate”? This Discovery Trunk explores weather, climate, and solar energy by diving into weather cycles and their impact on global climate. Learn and discover the amazing energy that is provided to us by the sun and how we can harness its energy.

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Go Wild: History of Grapevine Lake

Explore the history of Grapevine Lake. Why was it created? How is it maintained? What was here before the lake was created? Dive beneath the surface to discover the rocks, soil, and fossils that help us tell fascinating stories of Grapevine’s prehistoric past!